After Receiving Your Saddlebags

After getting your new saddlebags there are some things you may want to check before installing. 

1.  Are the bags symetrical?  This may sound simple and silly even, but you would be surprised at how many hand made bags are not symetrically made.  Hold the bags back to back do they match up?  Are the straps on the front even and taper to a point evenly? 

2.  Are the rounded corners smoothly rounded and matching on each side of each bag?  Are any of the corners pushed in? 

3.  If there are pockets are the outside pockets attached well?  If you put  your hand in the pocket are there any rough or sharp edges? 

4.  Are there any defects in the leather that bother you? 

Do yourself a favor and thoroughly inspect your new saddlebags before drilling them to mount them or else you may not be able to exchange them.

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