Bolt-On Saddlebags


Saddlebags are either bolt-on or throw-over types.

Unlike a throw over saddlebag that goes under your seat to attach them to the motorcycle A bolt-on saddlebag mounts to your motorcycle by utilizing the bolts in the left and right chrome fenders of your motorcycle. You should see two to three bolts in the chrome fender on each side.

A mounting kit will need to be purchased usually separately to mount a bolt-on saddlebag. Most motorcycle riders today purchase either Ghost Brackets or Easy Brackets. These saddlebag mounting kits utilize two bolts on each side of your motorcycle fender to mount your saddlebags and have the extra benefit of making the bolt-on bags quickly removable.

By definition a bolt-on saddlebag should use materials made for bolting on the saddlebags to the motorcycle without putting damaging stress on the saddlebags.

Bolt-on saddlebags will Usually have a back piece with the following materials:

ABS Plastic
ABS with aluminum

All of the above materials have proven over time to be reliable mounting surfaces for motorcycle saddlebags.

Bolt-on saddlebags do not require saddlebag supports that a throw over saddlebag would use, but as mentioned needs a mounting kit.

Most quality bolt-on saddlebags will start around $299 and up and saddlebags are sold in pairs.

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