Leather Saddlebags


Classic Bolt-On Saddlebags

Leather saddlebags are a classic for motorcycle riders. Leather can be thick, durable, and attractive. Saddlebags made from leather do require some care and should be protected from drying out, getting wet, and the sun's UV rays.  Protection from these elements can be accomplished by using a leather conditioner and protectant with a sun protection factor like 303 spray.  

The majority of saddlebags sold currently are leather motorcycle saddlebags. Leather looks great, feels nice, and even smells good when new!

Features to look for in leather saddlebags:

Thickness 10 oz leather weight is desirable or more

Cow Leather

Top grain

Drum dyed

To get a nice saddlebags that is going to last a while you are probably going to need to spend at least $300 for the pair. For $300 you should expect thick 10 oz. cow leather. Top grain leather is preferred because it naturally has less defects in the leather. Make sure the saddlebags are drum dyed. Drum dying is a process that ensures the dye color of the saddlebag has soaked from the top layer of the leather all the way to the bottom. This will ensure there is less likely a chance to see fading.

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