Saddlebags Sizing


motoleather saddlebags When choosing saddlebags you need to know what size will fit your motorcycle. There are a couple of considerations to consider when choosing the size.


Exhaust pipe clearance there needs to be 1 inch from the bottom of the saddlebag to the top of the pipes.

Turn signal clearance - If your turn signals are mounted on the side fenders of your motorcycle then you need to know the saddlebags will fit there without running into the turn signals.

If there is an issue with turn signal clearance you may have some options. You can purchase different signals that are smaller and can be moved to the back of the side fenders like Kuryakyn mini lights. You could buy a turn signal relocation kit to move the turn signals all the way to the rear fender. You could also take your signals off and replace your rear brake light with an all-in-one solution like the Kuryakyn panacea light that has the turn signals built in.

If you have a back rest for a passenger will the saddlebags intefere with their legs?

After taking in those consideration you are left with a area that can be used for your motorcycle saddlebags.

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